Founded by Kenneth Hill & Jerry Montour Jukasa Studios is a multi-million dollar studio created for world class and developing artists to make music in surroundings rich in spirit and tradition. The legendary 4072 G Series Vintage Analog Console, which spent 12 years of its life in studio 3 at Abbey Road Studios in London England, was purchased and moved to Jukasa Studios in 2009. Since it has been at Jukasa it has recorded the likes of Snoop Dogg, Three Days Grace, Alexisonfire, July Talk, The Sheepdogs, Protest the Hero plus many more.

When asked what inspired him to create such a facility Mr. Hill has said; “I simply believe there is an incredible depth of talented musicians in our country and I am proud to invite artists to Jukasa to experience not only the recording process but also to be a part of our community”. There is no denying Jukasa Media Group offers far more than a state of the art recording experience.