We strive to provide the best services with not only the latest and greatest technology - but most importantly, the right people. Satisfaction guaranteed!

We offer many conveniently located accommodations for the most comfortable working & living environment.

Living Space

Here at Jukasa, we have 2 full-sized, fully furnished apartments on site.

Apartment 1 has 2 bedrooms with a queen bed in each, full bath, full kitchen and living room with Wi-Fi and streaming options.

Apartment 2 has 2 bedrooms with a queen bed in one and 2 queen beds in the other, a full bath, full kitchen, Wi-Fi and streaming options.

All of this is conveniently located in the same location where you can create your music the way you want. Think it’s too good to be true? Check out the pictures:

Golf Course

If it’s been a long day in the studio between getting those perfect takes and you need a break to catch some fresh air, we have something to make the break that much more enjoyable.

Located close to the studio and only a 5min car ride away is the Monthill Golf Course. This state-of-the-art Golf Course features 27 holes, a beautiful practice putting green and a golf simulator is the weather isn't the best for your game.


Are you a fitness buff? If you can’t go a day without missing the gym, not to worry! Located just outside of The Grand River Spa, we have the state of the art Pro-Fit Health Club.

Pro-Fit is a fully equipped gym also located down the road from Jukasa Studios, where you’ll get to break a sweat if you haven’t already in the studio.

Day Spa & Pool

If you’ve had a long day recording or mixing and you’re looking for somewhere to re-charge, look no further, just down the road from Jukasa Studios is our sister company The Grand River Spa.

You’ll be treated like a King or Queen when you step into this relaxing facility. If a massage or facial doesn’t quite float your boat why not take a dip in the indoor all-season pool onsite!